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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I avail the MLPCN Resources? Yes!
  2. Can I find a probe for my assay? Yes!
  3. Can my compounds be tested by the MLPCN? Yes! For details see “Future Acquisitions” section here
  4. What is the definition of a Probe? The answer is of course context dependent. See here for details.
  5. Is there a definition of terms used by the MLP available? Yes!
  6. Is there a consolidated list of probes that have been found by the MLP? Yes!
  7. Are there any new funding opportunities? See here.
  8. What assay or chemistry capabilities are available in the MLPCN? A detailed list can be found here.
  9. Can the SMR compounds be accessed by scientists that are not in the MLPCN network?
  10. A part of the SMR collection, the NCC set, can be accessed as physical samples. The compound structures and biological data on these compounds is publicly available through PubChem. Unfortunately, no resources exist currently to make the SMR collection generally available though NIH is actively thinking about this issue.
  11. Where/how can the publicly available data be accessed? See here for details
  12. Is there an Intellectual Property and Data Sharing Policy for Molecular Libraries Grantees? Yes. See here for details

  13. How can I obtain a MLP probe compound?
  14. A sufficient amount of the physical sample of the probe compound will be provided to the assay provider by the MLPCN center for further studies. A number of probe molecules are currently available from commercial providers, details can be found in the probe reports available here. The probe reports also contain detailed synthetic protocols which can be used for local synthesis.