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Accessing MLSCN Data in PubChem

To access assay depositions from all Centers within the Molecular Libraries Screening Centers Network

  1. Go to the BioAssay PubChem database:
  2. Enter “MLSCN” as the search term
  3. Click “Go”

To access BioAssay data deposited by a particular Molecular Libraries Screening Center

Click on the links below, or use the Center names as search terms in the BioAssay PubChem database

San Diego Center for Chemical Genomics
(for The Penn Center for Molecular Discovery)
NCGC (for the NIH Chemical Genomics Center)
The Scripps Research Institute Molecular Screening Center
Emory University Molecular Libraries Screening Center
University of Pittsburgh Molecular Library Screening Center
(for the New Mexico Molecular Libraries Screening Center)
SRMLSC (for the Southern Research Molecular Libraries Screening Center)
Vanderbilt Screening Center for GPCRs, Ion Channels and Transporters
Columbia University Molecular Screening Center

Data Source Information

For additional inquiries about PubChem, write to the PubChem helpdesk ( or see the Frequently Asked Questions page.