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Funded Research

Below is a listing of Assay Development projects funded for the Molecular Libraries (ML) Pilot phase.

Information on Funded Research from all the ML initiatives can be found in the Funded Research section of the website.

Assay Development Funded Research

PI name Title Publications
Bezprozvanny, Ilya B Screen for blockers of a CaV2.2-Mint-PDZ1 association  
Burgess, Richard R LRET-based HT Screening for Inhibitors of Transcription 15950166
Burns, Charles G HTS assay for zebrafish embryonic heart function 16408054
Chiosis, Gabriela Development of HTS assays probing Hsp90 inhibition 16797988, 16392823, 15828828
Chung, Raymond T Chemical Genetics to Identify Cellular Regulators of HCV 17241881
Clardy, Jon C High-throughput Screens for P. falciparum Malaria 17116676
Conn, P Jeffrey Development of a High Throughput Assay for Allosteric Potentiator of GluR 16135701
David, Sunil A Novel High-throghput Assay for Angiogenesis Inhibitors 15755654, 16454684, 15801849, 16398551, 15713373, 15578935
Fenton, Robert G High-throughput screen for inhibitors of Mcl-1  
Frank, David A High Throughput Screening for Modulators of STAT5 16840779, 16819511, 15498775
Goldfarb, David S Molecular Screen for Lifespan Extension in Yeast 15489200
Harsay, Edina Identifying compounds that target post-Golgi secretion  
Jayaraman, Vasanthi High throughout screening assay for glutamate receptors 17260963, 16408071
Kieff, Elliott D. Screening of Epstein Barr Virus Replication  
Kirken, Robert A Screening for small molecule inhibitors of Stat5  
Kutsch, Olaf A GFP Based HTS Assay for HIV-1 Tat Inhibitors 16831859, 17477827, 16454046
Lithgow, Gordon C. elegans, Aging and High Throughput Screening 16741121, 16626392, 16626392
Lu, Yiling Tissue Lysate Arrays for Molecular Screening 17041095
Manion, Michael K Methods to identify BCL-2 "gain of function" inhibitors  
Morisseau, Christopher Cyanohydrin based fluorescent substrates of sEH 16729954, 16359636, 16142916, 15963942
Perrimon, Norbert High-throughput screen for host factors in Listeria infection 17086199, 16844385, 16020694, 16020693, 15644175
Rosenfeld, Steven S Development of High Throughput Screening Assays to Targ*  
Thacher, Scott M Small Molecular Screen for Thymocyte Drug Target  
Tortorella, Domenico Luminescent assay to identify ER dislocation inhibitors  
Tse-Dinh, Yuk-Ching Development of a HTS system in E. coli for topoisomeras targets 17346206, 17317696, 16159875
Waldman, Todd A Isogenic Cell-Based Screens for Cancer: Targeting PTEN  
Wilson, Robert B High throughput screen for cyclin D1 inhibitors  
Wright, Kenneth L High Throughput H3-K9 Methyltransferase Inhibitor Screen  
Xie, Simon X HTS Assay for Ca 3 T-type Channels Using FLIPR 17477828, 16627567
Yaffe, Michael B High-Throughput Assay Design for Polo Kinase Inhibitors  
Bacher, Adelbert HTS on Riboflavin and Terpene Biosynthetic Enzymes 17400171, 17348709, 17081012
Caffrey, Michael S High Throughput Screening of HIV Entry Inhibitors  
Cartegni, Luca Development of HTS Assays to Identify Specific Alternative Splicing Modulators  
Christensen, Kenneth A Assay for Molecules that Inhibit Anthrax Intoxication and Pathological Angiogenes  
Clardy, Jon C Phenotypic-based High Throughput Screens for Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria 17116676
Crawford, Brett E Cell-Based Screen for Inhibitors of Mucin-Type O-Linked Glycans  
Cuevas, Bruce D MEKK2/3-MEK5 Protein Interaction/Activation/ERK5 Pathway  
Delpire, Eric J Identification of Novel Modulators of CL-dependent Transport Processes via HTS 17581962 & 17493914
Devi, Lakshmi A Assay to Screen Ligands that Selectively Activate Opioid Receptor Heterodimers 17148456 & 17329545
Engelman, Donald M A High Capacity Screen for Membrane-Active Compounds  
Gupta, Vineet Developing HTS Assays for Discovery of Small Molecule Regulators of Integrins 17438069
Jarstfer, Michael B A High Throughput Screen for Telomerase Assembly 16620757
Khanna, Pyare L HTS Cell Based EFC Assays for GPCR Drug Discovery  
Kampf, J Patrick A Fluorescent HTS Assay for the Discovery of FABP Binding Inhibitors  
Kan, Chen-Chen Human CD4+ T Cell Based High Throughput Assay for Drug-Resistant HIV-1 Proteases  
Katz, Richard A GFP-Based Assays to Probe Transcriptional and Post-Transcriptional Controls  
Lansbury, Peter T A High-Throughput Assay for SOD1 Aggregation Inhibitors  
Marsh-Armstrong, Nicholas R Photoreceptor Degeneration Assay in Transgenic Xenopus Reporter Line  
Mckerrow, James H High Throughput Assay for Screening Compounds Against T. Brucei 16784460
Mecsas, Joan C Inhibitors of Yersinia Yop Type III Secretion and Translocation  
Mohan, Royce Novel High Content Vascular Patterning Assay  
Morris, David G High Throughput Molecular Screening for Compounds that Alter Tgfb1 Signaling Tgfb1 Signaling  
Niswender, Colleen M A Direct Assay for HTS of Gi/Go-linked GPCRs: mGluR7 as the Prototype 17416742
Pasquale, Elena B EphA4 Receptor Antagonists for CNS Regeneration  
Scharenberg, Andrew M TRPM2 HTS Screening Assay Development  
Schmid, Molly B Genetic-Based Whole Cell Assays for Discovery of Novel Antibacterials  
Schmidt, Walter K HTS-Based Identification of Novel Rce1p Inhibitors  
Siderovski, David P Real-Time Fluorescence Assays of RGS Domain GAP Activity 17660054
Sperandio, Vanessa Screen for Quorum Sensing Molecular Inhibitors  
Stivers, James T High Throughput Assay for Topoisomerase Enzyme Targets  
Studer, Lorenz HTS Screen for Neural Differentiation in Human ES Cells  
Swaan, Peter W High-Throughput Assay for the Intestinal Peptide Transporter  
Trubetskoy, Vladimir S Development of a Robust HTS Assay to Profile Glucuronidation of Small Molecules 17638534 & 17207411
Waldman, Todd Isogenic Cell-Based Screens for Cancer - Targeting Oncogenic B-Catenin  
Weis, Karsten Using Chemical Biology to Study the Small GTPase Ran  
Xie, Xinmin S Development of HTS Assay for K(ATP) Channels Using FLIPR  
Ye, Qi-Zhuang A Fluorescence Polarization Assay for Methyltransferases  
Zacharias, David A A Cell-Based HT Imaging Assay for Palmitoylation  
Agaisse, Herve F High-throughput screen for compounds affecting intracellular pathogen infection  
Aiken, Christopher R Discovering Novel Inhibitors of HIV-1 Maturation  
Ayad, Nagi G. Small-molecule Inhibitors of Wee1 Degradation and Mitotic Entry  
Balk, Steven P. HTS for Androgen Receptor Antagonists that Recruit NCoR  
Bottini, Nunzio Fluorogenic PTP Assay for Use in HTS of Novel LYP Inhibitors  
Brown, Steven J. Development of a High Throughput Screening Galanin 3 Receptor Assay  
Crawford, Brett E. Development of cell-based assays for discovery of GIcNAc-TV inhibitors  
Cunningham, Kyle W Assays for compounds that block or stimulate yeast cell death  
Day, Billy W High Throughput/Content Screens for Dynein Inhibitors  
Delisa, Matthew P. A cell-based screen for inhibitors of intracellular Abeta aggregation  
Denton, Jerod S. Identification of novel modulators of ROMK K+ channel activity  
Deshmukh, Mohanish P. Chemical Probes for Uncovering Differential Regulators of Apoptosis in Cells  
Djaballah, Hakim Novel & Selective Small Molecular Inhibitors of Human Peptide Deformylase  
Hodgson, Louis Screening for RhoC Activation and its modulation by GEFs  
Hoffmann, F. Michael An HTS Assay for Inhibitors of Smad-dependent Transcriptional Responses to TGF-beta  
Hogenesch, John B. A Dual Transcriptional and High Content Assay for Cryptochrome  
Hughes, Robert E. A cell-based screen for small molecule binders of mutant huntingtin messenger RNA  
Jegla, Timothy J. Development of HTS Assays for Sub-Threshold Potassium Channels  
Johnson, Gary L. Inhibitor Screens for Five MAPK Kinase Kinases Important in Human Disease  
Khanna, Pyare L HTS Technology for Discovery of Drugs Targeting GPCR Oligomers  
Landick, Robert C. High-Throughput Identification of RNA polymerase inhibitors in vivo  
Levine, Fred High-Throughput Screen for Beta-Cell Replication  
Linder, Maurine E. Assay Development to Identify Palmitoylation Inhibitors of Neuronal Proteins  
Luo, Hongbo R High throughput screening for inhibitors of Akt plasma membrane translocation  
Marzluff, William F. Screen for molecules inhibiting histone pre-mRNA processing  
Mcneil, Michael R. Glucosamine-1-phosphate and serine acetylases: HTS assays and configurations  
Nettles, Kendall W. Assay Development for Identification of ER-NFkB Pathway Selective Agents  
Neubig, Richard R. Multiplexed flow cytometry screens for RGS inhibitors  
Nikolovska-Coleska, Zaneta Discovery and characterization of novel small molecule inhibitors of Mcl-1  
Padgett, Richard A. Screen for Small Molecule Inhibitors of Mammalian Spliceosomes  
Perrimon, Norbert High-throughput screening assay development for axonopathic neurodegeration  
Salavati, Reza RNA as the catalyst for screening drugs against trypanosomatids  
Thacher, Scott M. Small Molecule Screen for Circadian and Metabolic Transcription Factors  
Traynelis, Stephen F. Identification of protease activated receptor-2 modulators  
Wahlestedt, Claes Assay Development Relating to the HTS of the Neuropeptide Y-Y2 Receptor  
Weiss, Eric L. Development of a robust high throughput assay for the discovery of RAM network inhibitors  
Wells, James A. Activators of Procaspase-7  
Wessling-Resnick, Marianne Fluorescence-based screen to probe hepcidin-ferroportin interactions  
Williamson, James R. HTS for Discovery of Inhibitors of STAR Protein-RNA complexes  
Xie, Xinmin Simon Development of HTS Platform for Human Fatty Acid Transport Protein 4 Using FLIPR  
Zhu, Michael X. High throughput screening of ligands of TRP channels  
Arany, Zoltan P High throughput screening for modulators of the transcriptional coactivator PGC-1  
Blenis, John Development of a high content cell based screen for inhibitors of the mTOR signal  
Cleary, Michael L Inhibitors of MLL-Menin Interaction  
Fidock, David A A cell-based HTS for delayed death inhibitors of the malarial parasite plastid  
Gerace, Larry R Screen for Small Molecule Inhibitors of Nuclear Protein Import  
Gochin, Miriam High-Throughput Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Fusion Inhibitors  
Harris, Jason B Development of a small molecule screen for PhoP regulon inhibitors in Salmonella  
Hodder, Peter Simmons HTS assays for discovery of novel beta-lactamase inhibitors via click chemistry  
Huang, Qihong A Cell-based Screen for Small Molecule Modulators of the miRNA Pathway  
Jain, Anjali Functional Genomics Tools for HER2 heterodimers and Androgen Receptor Signaling  
Jardetzky, Theodore S HTS for Small Molecule Modulators of EB Virus Protein-Protein Interactions  
Kampf, J Patrick An HTS Assay for the Discovery of Specific Inhibitors of Adipocyte FABP  
Li, Rongbao HTS Assay Development for Discovery of Specific PYK2 Inhibitors  
Peterson, Jeffrey R Allosteric, Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Actin Nucleation by the Formin mDia1  
Piazza, Gary A A Novel HTS Cell-Based Assay For Cyclic GMP  
Rogers, Jack T MLSN Screen of the PD Alpha Synuclein 5'UTR  
Rogers, Michael S Assay for Inhibitors of Angiogenesis and Anthrax Toxin Receptor 1  
Sander, Chris High-throughput identification of compounds that modulate the TGF-beta pathway  
Wuttke, Deborah S Development of a HTS Assay Targeting End Protection of Telomeres