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Funded Research

Below is a listing of the Exploratory Centers for Cheminformatics Research (ECCRs) funded during the Molecular Libraries (ML) Pilot phase.

Information on Funded Research from all the ML initiatives can be found in the Funded Research section of the website.

Please note: This Cheminformatics Technology Development Initiative will not continue into the Production Phase of Molecular Libraries, so there are no current funding opportunities available.

Cheminformatics Funded Research

PI Name Institution Name Title
Breneman, Curtis M. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Establishment of the RPI Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics
Clemons, Paul A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology General Data-analysis Tools to Relate Chemical Diversity to Biological Outcomes
Fox, Geoffrey C. Indiana University Bloomington Chemical Informatics Cyberinfrastructure
Hughes-Oliver, Jacqueline M. North Carolina State University Raleigh Comparative and Web-Enabled Virtual Screening
Shedden, Kerby University of Michigan at Ann Arbor MACE - Michigan Alliance for Cheminformatic Exploration
Tropsha, Alexander University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Carolina Exploratory Center for Cheminformatics Research