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The Molecular Libraries Technology Development initiatives are essentially overseen by two NIH groups: The Molecular Libraries and Imaging Implementation Group and The NIH Molecular Libraries Initiative Project Team. Some of the primary roles and responsibilities of these groups are described below.

Molecular Libraries and Imaging Implementation Group (MLIIG) Responsibilities:

The Molecular Libraries and Imaging Implementation Group is co-chaired by the Directors of NHGRI and NIMH, and is composed of representatives from each of the participating NIH Institutes, Centers, and Offices, including the principal leads designated by the co-chairs. The MLIIG develops and implements approved initiatives, identifies emerging issues that may warrant revisions of the implementation plan, and proposes concepts for new initiatives. Specific approved initiatives are managed by initiative-specific Project Teams. The MLIIG reviews and recommends approval of:

  1. funding plans developed by the Project Teams for each of the MLI initiatives; and
  2. requests for reallocation of resources (funds and FTEs) between MLI initiatives.

The MLIIG coordinates responses to requests for information from the NIH Roadmap Office, including:

  1. updates on the development, implementation, and evaluation of MLI initiatives;
  2. periodic progress reports on timelines and milestones of the MLI initiatives; and
  3. reports on staffing needs and budgetary reports.

NIH Molecular Libraries and Imaging (MLI) Project Team Responsibilities:

The NIH MLI Project Team serves as the trans-NIH body overseeing and coordinating MLI activities. Project Team membership will include one or more representative(s) from each of the NIH Institutes and Centers participating in the Molecular Libraries and Imaging Initiative.