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Funded Research

Below is a listing of Instrumentation projects funded for the Molecular Libraries (ML) Pilot phase. Under this listing are the Chemical Diversity projects funded at the beginning of the ML Production phase.

Information on Funded Research from all the ML initiatives can be found in the Funded Research section of the website.

Pilot Phase

Instrumentation Funded Research

PI Name Institution Name Title
Gascoyne, Peter R University of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center Reconfigurable microfluidic assay platform for molecular Library Screening
Kron, Stephen J University of Chicago Molecular Library Screening By MALDI-TOF Scanning of Functional Peptide Arrays
Larson, Dale N Harvard University (Medical School) HTS of Small Molecule-Protein Interactions
Litvinov, Dmitri University of Houston Development of Nanomagnetic Sensor Array For High Throughput Molecular Screening
Ma, Haiching Reaction Biology Corporation Microarraying and Screening Chemical Libraries
Price, Jeffrey H Burnham Institute Continuous-Imaging HT Screening Instrument
Vo-Dinh, Tuan Ut-Battelle, Llc-Oak Ridge National Lab Ultra-High-Throughput Screening (uHTS) Based on Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Zhu, Xiangdong University of California Davis High-Speed Label-Free Optical Detection System for Small-Molecule Microarrays

Production Phase