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Funded Research

Below is a listing of the Predictive ADME/Tox projects funded during the Molecular Libraries (ML) Pilot phase.

Information on Funded Research from all the ML initiatives can be found in the Funded Research section of the website.

Please note: This Predictive ADME/Tox Initiative will not continue into the Production Phase of Molecular Libraries, so there are no current funding opportunities available.

Predictive ADME/Toxicology Funded Research

PI Name Institution Name Title
Benet, Leslie Z University of California San Francisco Transporter-Enzyme Interplay Evaluation via Microfluidic HTS Cell Culture Devices
Ganey, Patricia E Michigan State University Gene Expression in Drug-inflammation Models as Predictive of Idiosyncratic ADRs
Haystead, Timothy A Duke University Proteome Mining as a Predicitve Tool of Drug Toxicity
Macrae, Calum A Massachusetts General Hospital Zebrafish Assays Predictive for Drug-Induced Cardiac Repolarization Toxicity PS-149
Sumner, Susan J Research Triangle Institute Metabolomics: Markers of Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Tropsha, Alexander E University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Robust computational framework for predictive ADME-Tox Modeling
Zacharewski, Timothy R Michigan State University Human Stem Cells for Toxicity Screening