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(18) Direct Publications in 2006


  1. Pyrrolidine bis-cyclic guanidines with antimicrobial activity against drug-resistant Gram-positive pathogens identified from a mixture-based combinatorial library. Hensler, M.E., Bernstein, G., Nizet, V., & Nefzi, A. Bioorg Med Chem Lett., 2006, 16: 5073-50739.
  2. Identification of potent and highly selective chiral tri-amine and tetra-amine mu opioid receptors ligands: an example of lead optimization using mixture-based libraries. Nefzi, A., Ostresh, J.M., Appel, J.R., Bidlack, J., Dooley, C.T., & Houghten, R.A. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 2006, 16:4332-4338.


  1. Cell-Based Assays Using Primary Endothelial Cells to Study Multiple Steps in Inflammation. Mayer, T., Jagla, B., Wyler, M.R., Kelly, P.D., Aulner, N., Beard, M., Barger, G., Tobben, U., Smith, D.H., Branden, L., & Rothman, J.E. Methods in Enzymology, 2006, 414:266-283.





  1. Fluorescent Protein-Based Cellular Assays Analyzed by Laser-Scanning Microplate Cytometry in 1536-Well Plate Format. Auld, D.S, Johnson, R.L., Zhang, Y., Veith, H., Jadhav, A., Yasgar, A., Simeonov, A., Zheng, W., Martinez, E.D.,Westwick, J.K., Austin, C.P., & Inglese, J. Methods in Enzymology, 2006, 414: 566-589.
  2. Quantitative high-throughput screening- A titration-based approach that efficiently identifies biological activities in large chemical libraries. Inglese, J, Auld, D.S., Jadhav, A., Johnson, R.L., Simeonov, A., Yasgar, A., Zheng, W., & Austin, C.P. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2006, 103: 11473-11478.
  3. Measure, mine, model, and manipulate: the future for HTS and chemoinformatics? Parker, C.N, Shamu, C.E., Kraybill,B., Austin, C.P., & Bajorath, J. Drug Discovery Today, 2006, 11: 863.

New Mexico

  1. Virtual and biomolecular screening converge on a selective agonist for GPR30. Bologa, C.G., Revankar, C.M., Young, S.M., Edwards, B.S., Arterburn, J.B., Kiselyov, A.S., Parker, M.A., Tkachenko, S.E., Savchuck, N.P., Sklar, L.A., Oprea, T.I., & Prossnitz, E.R. Nat Chem Biol,2006, 2:207-212.
  2. Biomolecular screening of formylpeptide receptor ligands with a sensitive, quantitative, high-throughput flow cytometry platform. Edwards, B. S., Young, S. M., Oprea, T.I., Bologa, C. G., Prossnitz, E. R., & Sklar, L.A. Nat Protoc, 2006, 1:59-66.
  3. Integration of virtual and physical screening. Fara, D. C., Oprea, T.I., Prossnitz, E.R., Bologa, C.G., Edwards, B.S., & Sklar, L.A. Drug Discovery Today, 2006, 3:377-385.
  4. Target, chemical and bioactivity databases- integration is key. Oprea, T. I., & Tropsha A. Drug Discovery Today, 2006, 3:357-365.
  5. Steroid-Binding GPCRs: New Drug Discovery Targets for Old Ligands? Prossnitz, E., Arterburn, J., Edwards, B., Sklar, L., & Oprea, T. Expert Opinion in Drug Discovery, 2006, 1:137-150.
  6. Linkage Effects on Binding Affinity and Activation of GPR30 and Estrogen Receptors ER α/β with Tridentate Pyridin-2-yl Hydrazine Tricarbonyl-Re/99mTc(I) Chelates. Ramesh, C., Bryant, B., Nayak, T., Revenkar, C.M., Anderson, T., Carlson, K.E., Katzenellenbogen, J.A., Sklar, L.A., Norenberg, J.P., Prossnitz, E.R., & Arterburn, J.B. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 128:14476-14477.
  7. NM Molecular Libraries Screening Center: Enhancing Drug Discovery with Cheminformatics. Sklar, L.A. Society for Biomolecular Screening News, 2006, 22:1.
  8. Glutathione-S-transferase-green fluorescent protein fusion protein reveals slow dissociation from high site density beads and measures free GSH. Tessema, M., Simons, P.C., Cimino, D.F., Sanchez, L., Waller, A., Posner, R.G., Wandinger-Ness, A., Prossnitz, E.R., & Sklar, L.A. Cytometry A, 2006, 69:326-334.




  1. Roadmap or Roadkill: A Pharmacologist’s Analysis of the NIH Molecular Libraries Initiative.Lazo, J.S. (2006). Molecular Interventions, 6: 240.


  1. CD69 down-modulation and inhibition of thymic egress by short and long-term selective chemical agonism of S1P1 receptors. Alfonso, C., McHeyzer-William, M.G., & Rosen, H. Eur J Immunol., 2006, 36:149-59.
  2. Lysophospholipid receptors as potential drug targets in tissue transplantation and autoimmune diseases. Chun, J., & Rosen, H. Curr. Pharm. Des., 2006, 12:161-71.
  3. Enhancement of capillary leakage and restoration of lymphocyte egress by a chiral S1P1 antagonist in vivo. Sanna, M. G., Wang, S., Gonzalez-Cabrera, P.J., Don, A., Marolais, D., Mattheu, M. P., Wei, S.H., Parker, I., Jo, E., Cheng, W., Calahan, M.D., Wong, C., & Rosen, H. Nature Chemical Biology, 2006, 2:434-441.

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